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Mostly meant for Dr. Josef Mengele, this can apply to satire or Characters in fiction that one way or another end up killing people on a large scale after being used as pawns.
Saren from Mass Effect under Sovereign's Indoctrination.

real life? Dr. Josef Mengele he was the first Angel of Death
by Sorrowgrave January 27, 2012
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josef mengele, a sick twisted nazi motherfucker. the dude that did all the sick experiments on jews at the death camp in auschwitz. he would peel their skin off to see how long they could live. he would sew two people together. put them in chambers and gas them. burn them. cut the top of their head off and put chemicals in their brains, or take parts of their brains out, and tons of other sick shit that i cant even imagine. also a fuckin awesome slayer song. listen to it motherfuckers!!!
the way that i want you to die
slow death, immense decay
showers that cleanse you of your life
forced in, like cattle you run
stripped of your lifes worth
human mice for the angel of death
four hundred thousand more to die
angel of death
monarch to the kingdom of the dead
sadistic, surgeon of demise
sadist of the noblest blood
destroying, without mercy
to benefit the aryan race
surgery, with no anesthesia
feel the knife pierce you intensely
inferior, no use to mankind
strapped down, screaming out to die
angel of death
monarch to the kingdom of the dead
infamous butcher
angel of death
pumped with fluid, inside your brain
pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes
burning flesh drips away
test of heat burns your skin
your mind starts to boil
frigid cold, cracks your limbs
how long can you last in this frozen water burial?
sewn together, joining heads
just a matter time till you rip yourselves apart
millions laid out in their crowded tombs
sickening ways to achieve the holocaust
seas of blood, bury life
smell you death as it burns deep inside of you
abacinate, eyes that bleed
praying for the end of your wide awake nightmare
wings of pain reach out for you
his face of death staring down,
your bloods running cold
injecting cells, dying eyes
feeding off the screams of the mutants he's creating
pathetic harmless victims left to die
rancid angel of death flying free
angel of death
monarch to the kingdom of the dead
infamous butcher
angel of death
angel of death
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
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1) The title of Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor responsible for performing the most gruesome and brutal medical experiments in recorded history. Orchestrated numerous grotesque debaucheries to prisoners transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, selecting them for either labour or extermination, acts of which earned him the title of "Angel of Death".

2) A Slayer song inspired by Josef Mengele's treatment of prisoners during WW2, which happens to be their most famous and well-known song (which says the least of how awesome this fucking song is; if you ever get sick of it, don't let a Slayer fan hear of it, for your own safety). Unfortunately, this song's also used as a crutch by posers claiming to be genuine Slayer fans; when asked about their favourite song, chances are a poser is going to answer "Angel of Death!" A true Slayer fan would follow up by mentioning several other favourites of Slayer's countless awesome works (in this author's opinion, there's only one or two Slayer songs he *doesn't* like; everything else is a brutal masterpiece of Slayer's nearly unmatchable skill).

Angel of Death might be one fuckin' awesome song, but it's by no means the only masterpiece of thrash metal that Slayer have recorded. Songs like "Skeletons of Society", "Crionics", "Tormentor", "Blood Red", "Dead Skin Mask", "Dittohead", "Catalyst", "Death's Head" and "Eyes of the Insane" are just a handful of several kickarse songs that've blown one's ears off as a reminder that metal can never die.
1) Josef Mengele was a sick, twisted cunt who ripped the muscles from prisoner's legs and forced them to walk, set fire to victims and did all sorts of other sickening shit.

2) "Auschwitz, the meaning of pain, the way that I want you to die. Slow death, immense decay, showers that cleanse you of your life"... etc, seriously, if you're a Slayer fan and don't know the lyrics to "Angel of Death", you're an anomaly. ;-)
by Alhadis September 26, 2006
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1. Brutal Slayer song
2. Josef Mengele, a fucked up Nazi Death Camp doctor

3. A nurse that kills their patients for mercy or for other reasons.
by insanethoughts April 19, 2010
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Primarily marine/army/seabee slang for an enemy sniper.

They stalk the battlefield from afar, you never see him.

You never hear him.

And like the biblical angel of death he leaves only death in its wake.
"Wheres cpl. Ross? The convoy came in an hour ago"
"he didnt make it,an angel of death got him."
by Dr. Sikenstine August 18, 2013
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when a person leans down and takes lot of deep breaths then they take a deep breath in and hold it in, lean upright against a wall and crodd their arms over their chest, each hand touching the opposite shoulder (this is to be done quickly) they keep the breath in during this. then people quickly push as hard as they can on the persons chest (their arm still there) this causes the person to pass out, but this can kill people and causes brain tumors DONT DO IT!

it realy does work!
Eric : dude u wanna angel of death?
katy : yer go on the mate
(she performs these instructions)
eric : holy shit katy's passed out sum1 call an ambulance!
by elpasohotsauce May 13, 2005
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A dangerous cocktail comprised of Golden Grain 190 proof alcohol, Hawaiian Punch, orange juice, and Sprite.
My girl drank 3 cups of Angel of Death ,and now she's in the bathroom blowing chunks. I cant even fuck her!!!
via giphy
by sicmyduck September 12, 2019
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