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A person who thinks they know more about medicine and public health than the overwhelming majority of doctors, scientists, immunologists, and every major health organization across the whole entire planet.
Pfffft, I don't need to believe in "evidence based medicine" & fancy "science" made up by sheeple and shills! I'm an arrogant anti-vaxxer!

vaccines vax anti vax shedding sheeple big pHARMa go polio team measles
by M'Lynn October 10, 2015
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Someone who discounts scientifically valid medical research pertaining to vaccines in favor of data produced by a discredited researcher.
The anti-vaxxer movement has negatively impacted herd immunity and resulted in outbreaks of presentable diseases.
by Zyndell October 10, 2015
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A particularly toxic kind of narcissist who places their own science illiterate beliefs in woo over the welfare of their own children and that of the general population.
"Oh great, another measles outbreak, thanks to those dumbass anti-vaxxers."
by FactsOverFear October 10, 2015
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People who want to bring back the good old days and deadly diseases.
Sam missed the days when everyome got polio. So, to get back to that, he became an anti-vaxxer.
by ShillNation345 October 10, 2015
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a person who opposes vaccination/immunization, claiming that the practice is harmful. the term typically carries a derogatory connotation, implying both science illiteracy and a failure to think critically.
We can thank the anti-vaxxers and their ill-informed propaganda for the resurgence in measles and other preventable diseases in the 21st century.
by synthesist October 10, 2015
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Noun: A sub-cult of anti-science, Google researchers that, when gathered in groups, have the innate ability to reduce their collective IQ to a level proportional to the inverse of the collective sum. Also usually have a strange obsession with marmot feces and believe it will protect them from contracting Autism during their adult lives since the practice of rolling around in it has been anecdotally linked with their ability to not contract autism as adults.
Person 1: Why are those people rolling around in marmot poo?
Person 2: Oh those are just anti-vaxxers.
by garf brooks October 10, 2015
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Someone who does not know what the definition of "research" is, has a Google phd, is anti-science or lacks the critical thinking skills to determine real science from pseudoscience, and parrots other people's ill-informed conclusions about vaccination.
There are no intelligent, well-educated people that are also anti-vaxxers
by Youarenotawake October 10, 2015
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