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Never scared to fight will wait for first swing no protection need from bullies
"Dont go mess with audric he will hurt you"
by Mateo_xrist May 19, 2019
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Audric is a fairly handsome man with insanely high intellect. Audrics usually have an IQ of around 6,969, can beat you at any video game, and if you ask nicely, can increase your IQ by 420. Don't mess with him, for he can mentally murder you with facts and knowledge.
Person1: "hey look it's Audric let's mess with him"
Audric: "the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"
Person1: "MY BRAIN! IT'S EXPANDING! OH SHI-" *brain explodes*
by drilbur September 12, 2019
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audric is a sweet, confused young boy who scratches his head every time he feels confused or whenever he doesn't know the answer to a question. However, he will most likely to get married to a girl called Aulia.
audric wid buslim loves aulia
by josh todd August 31, 2018
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Don't underestimate him because he'll be quick to pop you.
Look at Audric don't try to be friendly or he gon pop you.
by adrac February 04, 2018
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Usually frail skinny, Audrics often need protection from bullies.
Resembles the early stages of the human evolution as Audrics often use phrases such as "What the clunk?"
Look, it's an Audric, lets steal his lunch money
by Metro daddy August 24, 2010
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