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A person who is an intelligent, talented. Also somewho is caring and kind! She is easy to fall in love with, but difficult to fall out of love with. It's difficult to win her heart because she doesn't fall in love easily, but when you do you will have her forever!! She is confident when she wants to and she avoids to show some of her feelings. She is sexy, beautiful, and will do anythings for her friends
Caitlin is someone you will love to be with.
by Caitlin05 January 02, 2015
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The most amazing human being you'll ever meet

Sweet, innocent, adorable, perfect, all words like these describe Caitlin, she's just amazing nothing else to say.....she's perfect and she gets blamed for to many things she dosnt do.
"The stock market crashed"
I love you Caitlin
by Mouse👍 May 29, 2016
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Caitlin's usually make all their friends smile but when some people mess Caitlin's about they become small and fragile and need the bright light of a true friend to help them once Caitlin's are fully grown they become one of the most elegant women in the world so much grace and so much beauty how could anybody not love a Caitlin.
That Caitlin is amazing
I'm sure for a Caitlin to be my friend
by Whatyoudoing May 17, 2015
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-the correct spelling.
-irish meaning for pure.

~Usually a beautiful girl with tanned skin, blonde-brown hair, brown eyes and dimples.
~Funny to be around and only gets angry with built up emotions.
~Mostly seen laughing or excited.
~Loyal to her friends and family and easily forgiving.
~Can be extremely shy at first, but once you get to know her, you will know she's a little crazy ;P
~Most guys will be attracted to her, but shes not a slu* she will have someone she will always go back to. That person is extremely lucky.
Person1-Wow, she's beautiful.
Person2-Yep, she's a Caitlin.
by Jonathan-B August 11, 2014
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A beautiful girl, who name in Gaelic means Pure, she is a pure, smart and a stunning girl, The only way to spell her name is Caitlin,
if you don't want a back stabbing cheating girl, you should defintley pick a Caitlin
by Katie JJ October 08, 2015
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Caitlin: 100% the prettiest girl in the world kindest and nicest person. Her friends all love her because her personality is amazing and people all love her completely everyone talks to her daily THE BESTFRIEND EVER! People love her always because her hair is blonde or brown and eyes sparkling blue or lushes green everyone loves her so much . Caitlin stands for sexy , kind , Cathy , katilin , Caitlyn , Katherine and many more names that would stand for this amazing girl she enjoys sports netball especially because everyone loves her so much it's unbelievable. She strong and kind and will never give up

Favourite colour : purple, pink or blue

Loves life and friends as friends

Lucky numbers so times :10-11-19-24-35-37
Caitlin's (sexy) and also (kind)
by Cathy.G May 23, 2016
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