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Is a Filipino person who is fresh off the boat. Filthypino's only hang out with the other fresh off the boat Filipinos. They only talk in Tagalog when there in there group. They are cocky as fuck and like to start random beef. Overly proud of there small useless country and Manny Pacquiao. They like to pretend they can fight just because Manny Pacquiao is Filipino, when obviously they are fat and greasy. They usually think there the "shit" and have all this "swag" when they don't. The also think there the best Asian country, when in fact there not even asian they are little island people that are Mexican.
Asian 1: "Hey look it's a new asian."
Asian 2: "Umm, no.. he's a filthypino, there not even asian.."
Asian 1: "Fucking fobby filthypinos."
by The Whole Planet. September 25, 2011
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Filthypinos thinks that they're better than everyone else. They're arrogant, angry, and manipulative. They're usually really short and most suffer from little man syndrome}. They're nice to you when they want something from you. They're typically after greencards, money, status and sex. White people beware!
Those dirthy "filthypinos" tried to get me to commit marriage fraud!!!!
by Dareando September 12, 2019
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