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When you have sex while listening to The Planets Suite Op. 32 by Gustav Holst, you start waving your dick around like a conductor's baton for Mars the Bringer of War, then you rigorously eat your girl out to Venus Bringer of Peace, followed by rhythmic fistibg during Mercury the Winged Messenger and a long deep throating for the "I vow to thee my country" interlude in Jupiter, Bringer of Jolity. Then you both get up and go to the bathroom during Saturn, the bringer of old age. The action resumes during Uranus, the Magician as the girl puts on a strap on and GOES TO TOWN. Finally, by the time you hear Neptune the Mystic, you both have leg cramps and then you both jump out of bed and that's pretty much it because you both have work in the morning.
The missus and I were going full Holst last night during the Proms.
by jsizzle82 September 12, 2019
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