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A rude person on the outside, but kind and funny on the inside. She doesn't care what you think of her and lacks self-esteem. She is not very wise but isn't dumb also. She is not pretty to most people, except people that she is close to
Person 1 "Wow that girl is totally an Izeeis"
Person 2 "yea i can tell
by Kale123p November 17, 2017
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Pronouced eye-zee-s

Izeeis is a fun and outgoing person.

She is very loud and vocal to people she is close to. To others she may seem shy and closed off but she is the total opposite when shes in a fimilar setting.

Shes funny and sassy when she wants to be
Person 1: oh my gosh she is so kind and funny
Person 2: oh my gosh it must be an izeeis
by Kale123p September 12, 2019
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