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A girl who is spontaneous, some what out going, beautiful and amazingly funny. She's the person everyone wants to be friends with. She is inhumanly, drop dead gorgeous. Kyndra's are also very high in intelligence.
She's such a kyndra. . .
by Chammyyyy December 02, 2009
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An extremely gorgeous girl with an amazing smile. She is a great friend & forgives easily by “dropping” the problem. She cares a lot for her family & friends and can get very concerned for them if something is wrong. Standing by her friends until the very end & is not considered a backstabber. Getting mad is not on her agenda but when she is, all she does is go into a ranting stage. She likes to know how you feel about her or if she’s doing something wrong instead of keeping it to yourself because she doesn’t like to be messed with. Being athletic is a great characteristic that stands out because she try’s her best in any sport & gives everything a try. Being smart isn’t one of her characteristics but she gives it her all to understand. Using her humorous sarcasm & jokes she will always give you a laugh. Hopefully you have a Kyndra in your life because she’ll definitely make your life a whole lot brighter!
Yes, Kyndra isn’t just my best friend but she is also my sister by heart.
by Pey-pey June 15, 2019
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A person that seems cool untill you meet her.
When Kyndra walked into the room, she gave me the devil stare.
by Cracker Jacky May 02, 2010
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many people think that kyndra is a sweetheart, but deep down inside, she is rotten. she can be sweet, but she chooses not to most of the time. kyndra is very controlling and bossy. she doesn’t let anyone do anything without her consent. she is also a baby, and cries about everything when she doesn’t get her way. she is very rude and disrespectful. she does not have any soul.
my friend and i saw kyndra and we ran as fast as we could so she wouldn’t see us.
by Buttercup05 December 29, 2017
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A very smart and beautiful girl who would always be there for you but quickly you after 6-8 months, then most likely stops being your friend and she leaves you still thinking about her after years...
Vanessa- yo kyndra!
Kyndra- hi Vanessa!
by smhell05 April 23, 2018
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