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A man whom by virtue of the authority and privilege vested in him by society feels entitled to preach or explain how the world works. Bonus, if he is speaking to women, whom he perceives to be naive and ignorant, about problems and concerns with which women have real life every day experience, and the man has NO fucking clue what he is talking about. This is usually done in a patronizing insensitive manner.
A mansplainer lectures on gynecology, menstruation or gender oppression to women.

Ex. I think women should...
The problem with women today is...
by Hemmatime & Bstillo January 10, 2013
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A term used to attack and denigrate a man who tries to explain anything - even his own emotions or feelings - to a woman who feels that men are not worthy of having equal rights to speak and be heard.

The term is a form of sexist hate speech
Man "I didn't mean to be rude, I'm just having a really bad day today, becaus emy dog git hit by a truck, and..."

Woman: "How dare you even respond to me, you egotistical , condescending mansplainer!"
by WTF-O August 18, 2017
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A guy that talks down to women
Polisci Guy: "Actually, I think your argument is invalid because I'm polisci guy and only I can be right."
Me, a simple gay: "Goddamnit seems like we've found our section's resident mansplainer."
by fartney June 02, 2017
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A term meant to describe men who preach about subjects they know nothing about but has currently devolved into a term for insecure and sexist women to use because they are out of talking points and/or facts to back up their argument
Jenny: I have nothing intelligent left to say so I'll be a sexist bigot and just call him a "mansplainer"
by FemminismIsCancer September 13, 2019
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