An amazing boy who will love you with all his heart & would do absolutely anything to make you happy.

Is extremely sweet, cute and will never let you down!
Hey, are you and tom together??
Yes! He's literally the sweetest boy in the world & everything a girl could ever want<3!
by xChemicalMiracle February 10, 2017
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a beautiful man with an extraordinarily big penis and heroic testicles.
makes every girl moist when he walks in the room
Girl 1: "ooh! ive just had a strange sensation in between my legs"
Girl 2: "me too"
Guy 1: "dammit! tom's just walked in the room. i wish i was him"
by quickly!! December 09, 2009
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Tom: Tom is generous and sweet. Tom can be a total man-child, tom can be perverted. But Tom is a man you'd be lucky to have because though he might live far away he wants to take care of you when your sick or sad. he wants to calm you down when youre mad and snuggle you to sleep every night. tom is sensitive and his feelings will brake easy but its ok because its better than building walls. tom likes to do impulsive things when hes having a bad week. Tom know what he does wrong when he does it and says sorry when it is unneeded. Tom is the most perfect, handsome man in the whole universe and im lucky to have him. I want to grow old and, if I solidly change my mind, have children with him. I want to sleep in his arms every night. I want to have adventures with him. He is my Dark Angel and I am his Dark Princess <3
Tom: I love you forever.
Me: I love you till the day after forever
by DarkPrincess December 09, 2013
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Tom derives from Cockney Rhyming Slang and like so many other rhymes it has been shortened to just the initial word of the phrase e.g. bread and honey (money) became bread. However, unlike many others, Tom has multiple meanings which often can only be inferred from how it is used. Some of the common meanings of Tom are listed below:

1. Tom from Sir Thomas More = whore;
2. Tom from Tom Tit (old English name for a Blue Tit) = shit;
3. Tom from Tomfoolery = joolery (jewellery); incidentally don’t blame me for their pronunciation.
4. Tom from Tom Cat = twat/prat;
“That bloke is a real Tom (4). He gave a lot of tom(3) to a right old tom(1). Didn’t do ‘er no good, mind; it was a load of tom(2).”
by AKACroatalin September 12, 2016
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the man responsbile for the monstrosity known as "myspace", owner and operator of said site, and consequently the man blamed every time myspace is down.
"god damnit! myspace shit the bed again. fuck you tom!"
by rachellefreak January 22, 2006
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