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a really slutty hoe who drinks cheap booze, wears cheap thongs, gets fingered by nasty boys, and lies about deathly illnesses. Says she gets felt up on cruises with make believe boys that really in truth are just tooling on her to get some action. Gets ditched by her friends.. and eventually becomes a hairy ass pole dancer somewhere nobody can see her unibrow.
Example 1: Kid 1- "where's avab?"
Kid 2-" over there with that guys hand down her pants."

Example 2: "Avab has a mane like a lion."

Example 3: Kid 1- "! need some action!"
Kid 2- " I hear ava's drunk."
by blairsee February 28, 2007
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ava b is the name to a girl that will never leave you. she is a girl that will always be there for you no matter what. she is someone that you can trust your life with. this trust becomes a part of your everyday life, and you cant stop thinking about her. then she becomes your one and only. she becomes someone that will always be a part of you. you never want to lose an ava b cuz your life will fall apart if you lose her. make sure that she is the one person that you are willing to do everything for. shes worth is cuz she makes ur day no matter whats going on. make sure that she is always happy. give her all the advice you can give her. make sure she walks into school knowing shes amazing. knowing she is such a good person, regardless of her mood. knowing she is the prettiest girl on the planet and that nothing will ever change that. she is one of a kind, and the kind you will want in your life. there is only one ava b in this world... so keep her. and love her
ava b is one of a kind.
by its ya boyy September 12, 2019
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