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Mary is a kind, caring, beautiful, stunning, and amazing girl that everyone has to fall in love with. She is committed to one guy only, and is very faithful. She is the best girl you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting in your life. Every time she enters the room suddenly you are filled with joy, and she is always able to put a giant smile on your face. She makes you feel at home, loved, and like there's no one else but you. She gets excited about everything, which brightens up your day, everyday. She likes to go on adventures and to make great memories and have fun! She loves to skate, to draw, to cuddle, watch ROM coms, eat strawberries, make forts, drink lemonade, be carried around, and be nice to every one. Despite how much she's been through, she's still the strongest and most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She is perfect in every way, but once you date a Mary, never let her go, because her perfect imperfections cannot be given up. She is an unforgettable girl, and not to mention hot! She is the best girl you'll ever meet in your life, and time stops every time you see her, because she is just so beautiful, and everything a guy could ever ask for.
Eric: Dude your girlfriend is such a Mary!
Brandon: I know man, she's perfect!
by captainamerica091513 April 09, 2014
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When you first meet her she seems innocent but she really isn't! She is crazy (In a good way), sweet, funny, kind, and caring. She is usually shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her you will get to witness her craziness! She is an amazing, loyal friend who will never let you down.
Mary is awesome.
by FreakingWeirdo July 22, 2013
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A girl that is supernatural, the word amazing fails to fully describe her greatness. She isn't beautiful, she is beyond it, her stunning face brightens everyone's day. With a body to die for, she leaves the boys speechless, unable to breathe! She is loved by many, but only truly loved by one. She may never fully understand this, but she is an angel sent from heaven. A goddess of the universe. An indescribable soul.
An indescribable Mary.
I wish all girls were like Mary.

Mary is so beautiful!
by tylerhloveshismaryh November 25, 2011
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She's beauty
She's grace
She'll punch you in your face

But that's only if you manage to piss her off, so don't sing "Mary had a little lamb" around her. On the most part Mary is a girl who is extremely artistic and kind but she doesn't see any good in herself. If you know a Mary then know that they'll need lots of help feeling good about themselves and may be unstable emotionally sometimes. As long as you get through all of that though she will prove to be very caring, a valuable friend, and if you're lucky enough to date one then you're lucky because she's going to love you to the end of the world and back.
Dude 1: Woah man, how did you get that paint all over you?
Dude 2: I pissed Mary off and she bitch slapped me with a paintbrush.
by Ashlynn_Shadows October 14, 2015
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the one you can trust with anything and wont judge you and the one who will be by your side no matter what
I can trust you Mary
by i is who i am June 07, 2011
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Usually has big brown eyes, and amazing hair. She's very pretty and she loves meeting new people. She's friendly but can be a bit agrresive but that's only when she's bothered by someone. She's also very random loud and funny. She may make thinkgs awkward at times, but that doesn't matter. Her friends all show her affection and love. If Mariam ever sees someone hurt she'll always try to make them happy and crack a smile on their face with her witty jokes . She's always out adventuring and she loves trying new food.
1. "Let's take Mary out with us for dinner"
2. Mary is so outgoing she's friends with everyone
by baddi March 13, 2017
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A very beautiful girl both inside and out. She is very sweet and funny. She likes to tell stories with no point, and laughs for long periods of time at her own jokes. She has a contagious smile that can't help but spread to others. Her heart is filled with joy, and she very much enjoys doing things for other people. She can be clever and sarcastic and somewhat witty. She may not be the prettiest girl out there, but her joy and her compassionate heart makes her more beautiful than one can imagine. Her style is all her own. The love she has for her family is irreplacable. She is artistic and creative. She isn't like everyone else...and that's just the way Mary should be.
She doesn't dress hipster...she dresses like Mary.
by Joseph Mary's Man September 15, 2011
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