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1. Cheerful, like you're full of the light of the sun
2. Sunny weather
She's got a sunshiney personality, always makes you feel good inside

Pete was sunshiney even while doing his taxes

It was all sunshiney as we danced in a circle like heathens
by kloon882 September 13, 2019
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A sarcastic adjective, meaning dull, bleak, and/or unhappy.
Person 1: "You alright man? You seem off."
Person 2: "Oh yeah, I feel all sunshine-y inside!"
by zanThux April 29, 2016
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A person that is cute, cheerful, and likable in a way.
"Bob is very sunshiney to me," says Bobolina.
by Smartypantspencil2.0 September 21, 2016
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